How to Create the Perfect Nativity Scene


Creating the perfect nativity scene can be tricky because the scene should be respectful, but at the same time, vibrant and even a little fun. Our nativity scene styling tips will help you create the iconic Christmas nativity scene that will be a stylish sign of your devotion and remembered by your family and friends for years to come!


Set the Stage for Your Nativity Scene First

Any photographer can tell you that the background and lighting matter as much as the object being photographed, and the same goes with your nativity scene!


Nativity Scenes Under the Christmas Tree

If you are placing the nativity scene below your Christmas tree, you’ll want to lay it out on top of a matching Christmas tre‎e skirt! Choose a red Christmas tree skirt with subtle glitter and sequins for a classic look or make it a fancier affair with our white and gold organza Christmas tree skirt with pointed edges.


Nativity Scenes as the Table Centerpiece

Planning on showcasing your nativity scene as ‎a table centerpiece? Then consider adding one or more candles! Nativity scenes that will be around young children would be best adorned with artificial LED Christmas candles in crisp white or soothing ivory.

But choosing a real candle has its perks – like adding candle holders to the scene! For example our gold rotating nativity tea light holder has the entire nativity scene etched in, and even comes in sleek silver. If you don’t want to be too literal, you can add a set of antique-looking lanterns with filigree detail that fit the time of the nativity.


Choose Nativity Scene Statues

All this preparation is done to make nativity statues look their best, so choose what works best for you. Our unprecedented light-up holy family statue appears as though someone carved it out of ice by hand and can still stand out if placed under a Christmas tree. If you’re a competitive decorator, the nativity statue Christmas set includes all the nativity figures you would need!


Add Extras to Your Nativity Scene

Christmas trees aren’t part of the original nativity scene, but these sparkle Christmas tree statues add such a magical and serene touch. You can also light up your décor with our rotating Christmas Tree Candle Holder in gold and silver matches the style of the gold rotating nativity tea light holder mentioned earlier.
-Dana Rosenwasser

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