Frosted Christmas Trees vs. Flocked Christmas Trees


So you want to create a snowfallen setting this Christmas, but can’t choose between a flocked or frosted artificial Christmas tree. Our helpful tips will help you decide which one to pick so you can create a memorable winter wonderland year after year.


Frosted Christmas Trees


For a freshly fallen snow look, frosted artificial Christmas trees are your best bet. The look of the artificial snow on a frosted Christmas tree makes a subtle statement and looks very delicate. Choose a frosted Christmas tree if you want the simple and classic look that reflects the look of freshly fallen snow.

Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees Recommendations


Flocked Christmas Trees


On the other end of the seasonal spectrum, we have flocked Christmas trees whose snowy coating is more like midwinter during everyone’s favorite snow day off. The voluminous look that flocked Christmas trees create are due to the longer needles that are coated with thick, sometimes chunky, artificial snow. Choose a flocked Christmas tree if you want to create a bold statement that’s the true star and center of your Christmas décor and take it a step further with a pre-lit version.

Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees‎ Recommendation


Frosted Christmas Accessories


If you’re going for a frosted Christmas tree, there are plenty of extras you can use to decorate the surrounding areas. Complement your frosted Christmas tree from across the room with table and mantle decorations. Match your nearby table setting with something snowy like a frosted tree statue or add a warm glow with candles and frosted candle rings. But if you just want to add some frost here and there, you can simply add frosted Christmas sprays in a vase, worked into the Christmas tree, or garland.

Frosted Christmas Accessory Recommendations


Flocked Christmas Accessories


Since flocked Christmas trees have a bold aesthetic, choosing the right ornaments is essential. ‎Loading the tree with too many can make it look heavy and create a stuffy setting, so decorate with a set of classic ball ornaments in red and silver, purple or blue. For more drama, choose ornaments in various textures to that make it sparkle. Coordinate the ornaments with colored Flocked Wreaths‎ in traditional green, red or get creative with eccentric and vivid blue or purple. Placed on an adjacent wall, inside or outside, these are colorful surprises guests and family members will never see coming. ‎

Flocked Christmas Accessory Recommendations


-Dana Rosenwasser

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